Leonard Rodriguez from Community

Oh, come on, Leonard. If you’re gonna argue with me, put on a bathing suite.

Shut up, Leonard. Nobody evens knows what you’re talking about.

Shut up, Leonard. I talked to your son on Family Day. I know all about your gambling.

Shut up, Leonard. I heard about your prescription socks.

Shut up, Leonard. You smell like mentholyptus. What are you even doing here?

Shut up, Leonard. I found your YouTube page. What’s the point of reviewing frozen pizza?

Shut up, Leonard. Those teenage girls you play ping pong with are doing it ironically.

Shut up, Leonard. I know about your crooked wong.

Shut up, Leonard. I got a picture of your old. Ode. It was a lateral move!

Shut up, Leonard. I’m not here. I’m just a figment of your creeping dementia.

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Lindsay Bluth: You love saying no, like you said to Gob when he wanted a frozen banana. And even after he gave you the rights to his Mr. Banana Grabber character.

Lucille Bluth: You’re the one who charged his own brother for a Bluth frozen banana. I mean, it’s one banana, Michael. What could it cost, ten dollars?

George Oscar Bluth, Sr.: After you wouldn’t even give him a frozen banana, Michael?

Michael Bluth: What is there, a chat room that you guys all…

George Oscar Bluth, Sr.: That is not charitable.

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